Ben McNicoll

Saxophonist and saxophone teacher in Auckland, New Zealand

With over 15 years professional experience, Ben McNicoll has played and teaches a wide variety of musical styles including jazz, funk & soul, afrobeat, reggae, pop and hiphop. 

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Saxophone Lessons in Auckland

Ben McNicoll offers one-to-one saxophone tuition in Waterview, a short distance from central Auckland. 

Ben has a background in Jazz, and over his 16 years of teaching has played in groups in many popular styles, including Funk & Soul, Pop, Reggae, Hip Hop and Afrobeat.

He offers a personalised approach, tailored to your musical goals. 

 Saxophone technique and embouchure  ✔ Reading music & rhythm
✔ Improvisation ✔ Playing by ear ✔ Music theory ✔ Transcription ✔ Arranging

  • Adult beginners
    Have you always wanted to learn an instrument, or want to pick up the sax as a second instrument? A tailored approach lets you move directly towards your goals. 

  • Intermediate and advanced students
    Already play and want to improve? Picking up the horn again after a break? We can focus on technique, music theory, or learn to improvise and play by ear
  • Children & young adults
    Learn all aspects of playing and reading music. Integrate with performance requirements for school subjects. 

Bands & Live Music